I am available for speaking engagements


Upcoming talks

I will be speaking at the State of Australian Cities conference in November, in Adelaide, SA


Guest speaker at Grimshaw's Gallery series of talks, in Melbourne, VIC

Presented at the Place Leaders Asia Pacific conference, part of the Vivid Festival in Sydney, NSW


Keynote at the 'PIA WA 2016 State Conference' in Perth, WA

Keynote at the Shaping Mandurah Placemaking Conference in WA

Masterclass in travel behaviour change with Victoria Walks in Melbourne

Invited speaker at the '3rd Optimising Health Environments Forum' in Melbourne


Invited panelist on 'the science of space' at the MPavillion, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Invited speaker at Australian Campuses Towards Sustainability Conference, Geelong, VIC, Australia

Keynote speaker at Urban Thought Leaders Series, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Keynote speaker at Liveable Cities Conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Keynote speaker at The Future of Light Summit, Vivid Festival, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Invited speaker at Smart Urban Futures, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Configuring Light Panel, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Panelist at the Link Festival, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Keynote speaker at the Urban Summit, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

24 Hour City Forum, Melbourne Knowledge Week, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Walk 21 International Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Keynote speaker at the Building Healthy and Active Communities Forum, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Keynote address at City On The Move – Rethinking and Implementing Mobility, Cities for Mobility World Congress, Stuttgart, Germany

'Spaces of Cooperation', Velocity Global, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Keynote address at Healthy Built Environments - Making it Happen Symposium, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Invited speaker and panelist at AITPM National Conference, Adelaide, SA, Australia


Talking Now Panel Discussion, Riding Into The Future, Melbourne Now Exhibition, VIC, Australia

Active Travel to School Seminar, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Liveable Cities Conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Keynote address at CAN DO Conference, Auckland, New Zealand


Future Cities Forum, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Behavioural Design Lecture, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Health Cities Conference, Geelong, VIC, Australia

International Towns and Cities Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

'Designing Behaviour Change', City of Port Phillip, VIC, Australia

Bike Futures, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Bike Futures, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia


Design for an Active City Jury Panel, State of Design Festival, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Angry, Happy, Sad Public Panel Discussion, Wheeler Centre, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Moving Melbourne Seminar, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Velo-City Conference, Seville, Spain

Auckland Conversations, Auckland, New Zealand

Australian Cycling Conference, Adelaide, SA, Australia

'Bicycle Culture & Behaviour Change', Hobart Aldermen, Tasmania, Australia

Bike Futures, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Bike Futures, Auckland, New Zealand

Bike Futures, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Bike Futures, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Behaviour Change Workshop, NAGA, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Sydney Bicycle Film Festival, Sydney, NSW, Australia

'Cultural Shift: Women on Bikes' Public Panel Discussion, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

'Sustainable Travel', Planning Institute of Australia, Tasmania


If you would like me to speak at, or participate in, an event please send a message through the contact page or call me on +61 (0)3 9088 0767.