Here are some books, magazines and websites that I have contributed to



Interview for upcoming book, titled 'Creating Vibrant Communities'(2016)


Printed article on 'Travel Behaviour Change' for Local Government News (2012)

Printed article on 'Travel Behaviour Change' for Cities for Mobility, Stuttgart, Germany (2011)

Printed article on 'Behaviour Change for Cycling', for the Cycling Mobility Magazine, London (2010)


Article for, titled 'Technology Is the Answer, but What Was the Question?' (2016)

Article for, titled 'Why we need ‘enriching’ cities, but not too enriching!' (2016)

Article for titled 'How Does Your City Feel?'(2015)


If you would like me to participate in an interview, write an article or author/co-author a book, please send a message through the contact page or call me on +61 (0)3 9088 0767.